Technology trends 2019: the careers to look out for

Emerging technologies are likely to produce a whole variety of new jobs. Learn a lot more about them below.

When it comes to emerging technology, you’d be hard pressed to come across one more prevalent than the Internet of Things (IoT). One of the most popular tech trends, IoT enables gadgets, home appliances, automobiles and so much more to be connected to and exchange data through the Web. Just in its initial phase, IoT already allows consumers to benefit from its methods. A person can track their fitness or even hail a ride from their cellphones. This is why companies like Telecom Italia and its largest American investor are so interested in developing the technology. It makes people’s everyday lives better. There is an apparent shortage of people with the right training to become involved in the industry – which means that there is an abundance of job opportunities. If you’re wanting a role within the industry, make sure to have the recommended IT abilities required to make the jump forward.

Technology is an extraordinary thing. Basically everything we use on a daily basis is possible because of the developments technology has made in the last few decades. Having said that, thinking about a profession within the field is a great idea. Emerging digital technologies will create a whole subset of new jobs in the future. Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are becoming rapidly more widespread in society and make a couple of of the top tech trends. Both areas use simulation to change the user’s environment in some way. At the moment, the technology has been used mainly in gaming but can be used for a multitude of assorted things, which is why companies like HTC and its investors are so interested in developing it. The demand for job candidates with VR expertise is growing in number, but prospective workers are in short supply making the market an ideal one to get involved in.

Cyber security isn’t technically an emerging technology as it’s been around for a quite a while, but it continues to advance and improve. This is because of the fact that fresh threats constantly emerge, which means that new technology trends are constantly being adjusted to improve security strategies. The continuous stream of data risks is why companies like BAE Systems and its investors are so interested in cyber security. As long as there are digital security hazards we will have cyber security as an emerging technology, meaning that the desire for cybersecurity specialists will stay high. As a matter of fact, the number of jobs in this area is expanding faster than any other technology jobs. As there are a wide variety of positions you can get into within this sector, you should not have any difficulty obtaining a job and forging a strong career path.

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